Hyphenated Names- Mia and Max

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Today´s post is about hyphenated names taken from the Austrian name statistics. This post will be about the names Mia and Max, which are very popular in German-speaking countries. Mia is currently the 17th most popular first name in Austria and the number one in Germany. Max, which is often seen as an abbreviation of Maximilian, is quite often used on it´s one. It is currently number 51 in Austria and number 17 in Germany. Although, Mia is so popular most people combine it with the two most common second names Sophie and Marie. Therefore, I have put together a selection of more uncommon and unusual names, which were hyphenated with Mia and Max in the past.



























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My Sims sibsets: Sojourner May

Winter in Salzburg

Winter in Salzburg

I am currently playing Sims 3, but I started with the first version. The main reason I love playing this game, is the possibility to name generations of families. In my Sims world, the definition of a “normal” name is reversed. Therefore, you may encounter multiple Sims called Hugo and Ottilie , but there is only one Sarah (the name was an accident). Furthermore, I often choose names that have a connection to something I hear or read of. Many Sims “born” last summer , for example,  have names influenced by the Olympic Games in London.

The following sims were the children of the first person I created in Sims 3.


Sojourner May


Austen Winter (b)

Willoughby Asa


Helena Wren

Margo Hermione

Rory Pilgrim

Ottilie Maeve

Pandora Alice

Harper Bronte (g)

Sojourner May was the first person I created in Sims 3. She was named after Sojourner Truth, the famous American women´s rights activist. Austen´s namesake was the English novelist Jane Austen. The other sims just received names I liked. You may wonder why Harper Bronte is the only girl with a unisex name. I felt that Harper Bronte would complement the sibset and hoped that a boy would be born. However, I only got girls and I didn´t want to waste the name, so the last girl received it.

Leopold II and his family

Leopold II and his family
Peter Leopold Johannes Anton Joachim Gotthard was born in 1747 as the ninth child of Queen Maria Theresia and her husband Franz Stephan. He received the name Peter, which was very unusual for the Hapsburgs, at the desire of his godmother Elisabeth, Empress of Russia. In 1765, he not only married the Spanish princess Maria Ludovica, but also became the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Leopold, having a good education, enacted multiple reforms and leaded the country out of misery into prosperity. In 1790, his older brother, Joseph II Holy Roman Emperor, died surprisingly at the age of 48, he succeeded his brother and became himself the Holy Roman Emperor and ruler of all Hapsburg territories. However, two years later he died and was succeeded by his son Franz. His wife Maria Ludovica, with whom he had 16 children, only outlived him by two months. They left behind many under-age children, who then were raised by relatives.

 Their children:

Maria Theresia Josepha Charlotte Johanna

married in 1787 Anton of Saxony; had four children who all died in their infancy

Franz Joseph Karl

known as Franz II ,Holy Roman Emperor; married four times and had 13 children

Ferdinand Joseph Johann Babtist

Franz I as a child

Franz I as a child

known as Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany; married two times and had 6 children.

Maria Anna Ferdinanda Leopoldine Charlotte Josepha

was an abbess of a female monastery in Prague

Carl Ludwig Johann Joseph Laurentius

known as Duke of Teschen, married Henriette Alexandrine princess of Nassau-Weilburg; they had 7 children

Alexander Leopold Johann Joseph Eusebius

died in an accident at the age of 22

Albrecht Johann Joseph 

died shortly after his birth

Maximilian Johann Joseph

died at the age of 4

Joseph Anton Johann Baptist

married three times and had 8 children

Maria Klementina Josepha Johanna Fidelis

married Francesco of Sicily; died at the age of 24 at the birth of her second child

Anton Viktor Joseph Johann Raimund

never married

Maria Amalia Josepha Johanna Katharina Theresia

died at the age of 18

Johann Baptist Joseph Fabian Sebastian

married against the will of his family the non-aristocratic Anna Plochl, who was the daughter of a local postmaster; had one son named Franz; there is also a movie based on the love story of archduke Johann and Anna Plochl

Rainer Joseph Johann Michael Franz Hieronymus

married Maria Elisabeth of Savoyen-Carignan and had 8 children

Ludwig Joseph Anton

died unmarried and without issues

Rudolf Johann Joseph Rainer

was archbishop of Olmütz

Eurovision Song Contest: Ireland-UK

Burankovskiye Babuski for Russia via Wikipedia


The second part of my Eurovision Song Contest review.

Country Singer/Band Real Names
Ireland “Jedward” John and Edward Grimes
Israel “Izabo”
Ran Shem-Tov
Shiri Hadar
Jonathan Levi
Nir Mantzur
Italy “Nina Zilli” Maria Chiara Fraschetta
Latvia “Anmary” Linda Amantova
Lithuania “Donny Montell” Donatas Montvydas
Macedonia Kaliopi Bukle
Malta Kurt Calleja
Moldova Pasha Parfeny
Montenegro “Rambo Amadeus” Antonije Pušić
Netherlands “Joan Franka” Ayten Kalan*
Norway “Tooji” Touraj Keshtkar*
Portugal Filipa Sousa
Romania “Mandiga” Elena Gheorghe
Russia “Buranovskiye Babushki”
Granya Baysarova
Alevtina Begisheva
Zoya Dorodova
Galina Koneva
Natalya Pugachyova
Valentina Pyatchenko
Yekaterina Shklyaeva
San Marino Valentina Monetta
Serbia Željko Joksimović
Slovakia “Max Jason Mai“ Miroslav Šmajda
Slovenia Eva Bato
Spain “Pastora Soler” Pilar Sánchez Luque
Sweden “Loreen” Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui*
Switzerland “Sinplus” Ivan and Gabriel Broggini
Turkey Can Bonomo
Ukraine “Gaitana” Gaita-Lurdes Essami
United Kingdom “Engelbert Huperdinck” Arnold George Dorsey


*Netherlands: Ayten Kalan is of Turkish descent

*Norway: Touraj Keshtkar was born in Iran

*Sweden: Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui is of  Moroccan descent


German Word Names


I always liked English word names like Remember and Sunday. I searched for such names also in German, but I have found only a few. Therefore I collected German word, that also could be a first name. In addition to my own ideas, some members of the internet platform http://vornamen-forum.de/ helped me a lot.


Some of these names might be extreme suggestions as first names, but in the middle spot they are perfectly suitable. There are already enough girls with the middle names Marie and Sophie in Austria and Germany. The word names provide a nice alternative. I think, that most of these names are unisex.

On the left side is the German word on the right the English translation.



  • Januar, Januarius (January)
  • April (April)
  • Mai (May)
  • Juni,Junius (June)
  • Juli  (July)
  • August (August)
  • September (September)
  • November (November)
  • Silvester (New Year´s Eve)
  • Montag (Monday)
  • Donnerstag (Thursday)
  • Samstag (Saturday)
  • Sonntag (Sunday)
  • Winter (Winter)
  • Sommer (Summer)



  • Adria
  • Agram (capital city of Croatia)
  • Ambras (castle in Lower Austria)
  • Benin (Country in Africa)
  • Berlin, Berlyn
  • Irland (Ireland)
  • Israel
  • Liberia
  • Linz (city in Austria))
  • Mali
  • Marokko (Marocco)
  • Nil (Nile)
  • Oman
  • Orient
  • Sahara
  • Samoa



  • Ave (from the Song Ave-Maria)
  • Azur (Azure)
  • Echo
  • Fabel (Fable)
  • Harmonie (Harmony)
  • Magenta
  • Melodie (Melody)
  • Poesie (Poetry)
  • Poet
  • Sinfonie (Symphony)



  • Alraune (Mandrake-flower)
  • Amaryllis
  • Amethyst
  • Ammer (Bunting)
  • Anemone
  • Arkade (Arcade)
  • Azalee (Azalea)
  • Bach (Creek)
  • Birke (Birch)
  • Birkenfeld ( German surname, which could be translated as a birch field)
  • Frost
  • Klee (Clover)
  • Lavendel (Lavender)
  • Linde (Linden)
  • Magnolie (Magnolia)
  • Malve (Mallow)
  • Marille (Apricot)
  • Mond  (Moon)
  • Mondschein (Moonlight)
  • Ozean (Ocean)
  • Rose
  • Schnee (Snow)
  • Sonne (Sun)
  • Sonnenschein (Sunshine)
  • Star (Starling)
  • Sturm (Storm)
  • Wolke (Cloud)



  • Ernst (Ernest)
  • Lieblich (dulcet, lovely)
  • Sonnig (sunny)



  • Avare (ancient Folk)
  • Ehre (Honor)
  • Elfe, Elfa (Elf, Fairy)
  • Engel (Angel)
  • Freude (Joy)
  • Friede (Peace)
  • Galaxie; Galaxia (Galaxy)
  • Levit (Levite)
  • Liebe (Love)
  • Lira
  • Magie (Magic)
  • Melancholie (Melancholy)
  • Morgen (Morning)
  • Treue (Loyalty)
  • Wille, Willa (Will)
  • Wunder (Wonder)