My Sims sibset: Margo Hermione and Willoughby Asa

Fortress Hohensalburg in  Winter

Fortress Hohensalzburg in Winter


Margo Hermione


Elliot Spektor

Hermione June

Moa Apollonia

Amelia Ivy

Rupert Harry

Elliot Spektor´s middle name is after the American singer Regina Spektor.  Moa was named after the Swedish writer Moa Martinson. I read a book written by the author and found the name quite interesting. Moa is actually quite popular in Sweden, it ranked #23 in 2011. Amelia´s namesake is Amy Pond from Doctor Who.


Willoughby Asa and Rosemary


Eliza Franny

Wentworth Joe

Augusta Lucy


I wanted a Jane Austen themed sibset, but in the end it didn´t quite work out. However, I think that the names do go well together.

What is you favourite name out of these sibsets?


Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau and Salome Alt- A love story



Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau became archbishop of Salzburg at the young age of 28. Shortly after his arrival in Salzburg, he fell in love with a beautiful merchant´s daughter, named Salome Alt. They wanted to marry but their appeal for an dispensation by the pontifex, which would allow the archbishop to marry legally despite his profession, was refused.  Nevertheless, they lived together for over 22 years. To keep their relationship a secret, the archbishop built the palace Mirabell, back than called Altenau. Today the palace is situated in the centre of Salzburg, but in the 17th century it was situated on the edge of the mediaeval city. The archbishop and his mistress had 16 children, of only little is known today. Only 10 children survived their infancy,  two of their sons married and further two followed their father´s profession and became clergymen.  Salome Alt was never an ordinary mistress as she was always the only woman in the bishop´s live. Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau died after political conflicts in the dungeons of his former fortress Hohensalzburg. Salome had to flee with their children to a cousin in Upper Austria. She died there at the old age of 94.


The names of the children (all were born in the beginning of the 17 century), which are known, are:





Maria Salome




Wolf Dietrich


Johann Georg Eberhard