If you like Sara, you might like…

Delila/ Dalila

Delila (DE-LEE-LA) is easy to pronounce and is also used in different cultures. Delila has several origins, it can be either an Arabic name with meaning of sign and leader, or it can be a Hebrew name. The version Dalila is currently ranked #30 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Hebrew version Delilah is ranked #172 in the USA.


Lina is like Sara a nice, friendly name popular in many different countries. Lina is pronounced LEE-NAH and is an Arabic name with the meaning tender, affectionate. In addition, Lina is also used in countries such as Austria and Sweden, as a standalone form of names like Karolina and Nikolina. The name is currently in the Top 100 in more than 8 countries.


Mejra is one of my personal favorites. It is a short, two-syllable name deriving from Meryam, which is the Arabic version of Mary. Mejra is pronounced like MAY-RAH and is quite underused in Bosnia, because it is considered to be old-fashioned. However, due to its similarity to popular names like Nejra and Maya, it may rise in the near future.


The name Mira, which is pronounced MEE-RAH, has very much in common with Sara. Both names are short and sound quite international. The name is used in many different cultures. Mira is a Slavic name deriving from the word Mir, which means peace. It is also an Indian name with the meaning sea, ocean. Furthermore, Mira is used as a standalone short from of the Arabic name Amira.


Sura is only one letter different from Sara, but the name has its own distinct sound. Sura, which is pronounced SOO-RAH, is a short form of the Arabic name Surura. Furthermore, Sura is also the term used for the “chapters” in the Quran.


Uncommon Bosnian Names – D

historic View of Sarajevo


Male Names 


Name Origin Meaning Pronunciation
Daim Arabian Constant, respected DAH-IM
Damad Arabian Groom, son-in-law DAH-MAD
Demirel Turkish Hand of iron DEH-MI-REL
Derijan Arabian Awareness, comprehension DEH-RI-AN
Dilaver Persian Brave, industrious DIL-AV-ER


Female Names


Name Origin Meaning Pronunciation
Damija Arabian A good Person DAM-IA
Darija Persian Mistress, ruler DARI-A
Defina Arabian Solitary, chaste DE-FI-NA
Delila Arabian Clue, direction sign DEH-LI-LA
Dima Arabian Long, silent rainfall DIH-MA



Picture: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/43/Sarajevo_Historic_View.jpg