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Hello my name is Dženana* and I am a name nerd since early childhood. I not only named  my own dolls and stuffed animals,but also my sisters ones. Later I started to play sims, mainly to give them  names. An ordinary sibset in my sims world is ,for example,  Margo Hermione, Ottilie Maeve and Apollonia June.

I started Ich und die Namen because I liked reading other naming blogs, but could only find ones that deal with names from an English or an American perspective; and therefore,  started my own. I mostly write about names from Bosnia and Austria and especially about Bosnian- Muslim names in Austria as there is almost no data about them.

Some more facts about me:

I am the eldest of four sisters and live in a lovely old city in Austria. My parents are from Bosnia, but moved to Austria in the early 90s.    I am currently studying History and English in university and hope to become a teacher some day. Besides writing about names, I also enjoy reading English classics like Austen and watching Doctor Who.

*Too clear pronunciation issues: My names is pronounced like JE-NAH-NAH. The  “Dž” is very similar to the English “J”. Furthermore, the name is of Persian origin and means something like “life, heart, soul”.


If you want to ask me something or if you want to make a request, you can either post me comment here or write me an e-mail:



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