Most popular Bosnian names 2011

Bosnia-Hercegovina map

I am sorry for not writing so long, but I was quite busy with end term tests and a new summer job. The most popular Bosnian names of 2011 were released some weeks ago and here they are:


Most popular female names


Position Name
1 Amina
2 Lamija
3 Emina
4 Lejla
5 Sara
6 Hana
7 Ajna
8 Adna
9 Ajla
10 Nejla



Most popular male names


Position Name
1 Tarik
2 Amar
3 Ajdin
4 Adin
5 Ahmed
6 Harun
7 Vedad
8 Kenan
9 Faris
10 Hamza

Most popular Bosnian names Top 50 and Top 99 also available

Pronunciation explanations: The ´j´ is pronounced like a ´y´, so Lejla is like Leyla and Ajna is Ayna.


What do you think? Could these names be used by non- Bosnian parents?




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