The Baggett family

Bugget family  in 1925


I came across this lovely family by accident some days ago. The Baggett family is not famous, but they chose very interesting names for their offspring, which also feel very up-to-date. The family photo above is from 1925, so most of the children are born in the beginning of the 20th century


The parents are named Edward and Mary


The children (eldest to youngest):





Lola (twin)

Neva (twin)



Dorothy (called Dot)

Wilma (called Billie)

Roland (called Hank)


Most of these names feel very “modern” today, but they were also quite popular back in 1900.


Agnes occupied the 41 position in the US-American statistics back then. Today Agnes is also represented, but mostly in Northern European states. In Norway it ranked on #98 and in Sweden it is even on #15.


Elsa is a diminutive of Elisabeth and was on #335 in 1900. Today Elsa is gaining much popularity. In France it ranked #70 and in Sweden even #7 in 2010.


Harley was on #224 back in 1900. Today it feels fresh again. In England and Wales it is currently at #57. In the USA more girls than boys receive this name nowadays.


Lola ranked #114 in 1900. Nowadays Lola is one of the hottest names around the world. In Australia it ranked #96, in Great Brittan #33, in Belgium #35 and in France it’s on the 10th position of the most common female names in 2010.


Neva, which is a short form of Geneva was quite popular back then, it ranked #260. Neva is nowhere popular today. But it might be a great alternative for parents, who like unusual names, which are very simple and have historical roots.


Cleo, a variation of Clio or a diminutive of Cleopatra, ranked #226 for girls and #393 for boys in 1900. Today Cleo is on the 323th position in France. Even if the name doesn´t show up in the statistics of the USA today, it seem very fresh due to its similarity to over-popular Chloe.


Edith ranked on #36 in 1900. Today it is getting more and more attention, it is on #819 in the USA and #60 in Sweden.


Dorothy was the most popular name of the sibset. It was on the 27 position and stayed popular for decades. Dorothy even was on the second place for several years. Today it doesn´t rank anywhere, but it might have a comeback in some years.


Wilma, which is a diminutive of German Wilhelmina, was on #187 in 1900, it reached its peak in the late 1920s on # 62 in the USA. In 2010 it was #5 in Sweden and even Number 1 in 2007.


Roland is used quite often in the last hundred years. On #156 in 1900 and currently it´s on #769 in the USA.




2 thoughts on “The Baggett family

  1. I love the way the stylish turn-of-the-century names are coming back into vogue! Even though these names are not yet popular, they are certainly becoming very fashionable.

    Gorgeous sibset; where are the Baggett family from?

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