Uncommon Bosnian Names – A


Until now I have only written about popular Bosnian name. So I decided to make a series of posts about underused rare Bosnian names, which have a beautiful and positive meaning.


All names and meanings are from my Bosnian name dictionary, which I have mentioned before. In the next weeks I am going to present 5 female and 5 male names from the initial letters A to Z.




Male Names



Origin Meaning Pronunciation


Arabian Stranger, Non-Arab AH-JEM


Arabian-Persian Leader AH-LEM-DAR


Arabian Leo, Hero AHR-SLAN


Arabian Good swimmer AH-VAM


Arabian Trustful friend AH-ZEM


The R is rolled as the R in Spanish, for example carro

The Bosnian Z is pronounced like the Z in Zero.


Female Names



Origin Meaning Pronunciation


Arabian Leones AH-BAZ-A


Arabian Humane AH-DE-MIA

Adla, Adila

Arabian Respectable, felicitated AHD-LA, AHD-I-LA

Altuna, Altana

Turkish Gold, Gold coin AHL-TUH-NA


Arabian Pretty fragrance, perfume AHM-BER-A


Photo: Taken by me


3 thoughts on “Uncommon Bosnian Names – A

  1. Ambera is absolutely gorgeous! I think I am falling in love. Altana is also quite nice and I have always really liked Arslan.

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