Names of the Habsburg family


History was always my favorite subject at school. There was a time, where I read a lot about the Habsburg family. The Habsburgs were over 500 years the rulers of big parts of middle Europe. Such a family also had very interesting names. Last year I read a book about the infancy in the Habsburg family.


I wrote some of the names, which were mentioned, down. All this girls were born between the 15 and the 18 century. Some of them became queens and some died in infancy.


Isabella Clara Eugenia

This name sounds very stylish and modern, but it´s the oldest on my list. I also noticed that the initial letters together result in the word ICE. Ice could be an original nick name for girls, to whom Isabella sounds to frilly.


Maria Antonia Josepha Benedicta Rosalia

As a result of the rising popularity of Benedikt, Benedicta could be a great version for girls. Rosalia might appeal to parents, who like names, which have a Mediterranean feeling.


Marianna Apollonia Giuseppa Antonia Scolastica

Apollonia is a long loved favorite of mine, but nowadays it seems to extinct.

Scolastica with the meaning pupil is a very rare name. Besides this princess, I never saw this name somewhere.


Gregoria Maximiliana


Ludovica Francisca Elisabetha


Katharina Renea

Renea is probably a version of Renata.


Maria Josepha Clementia Anna Gabriela Antonia Francisca Dominica Theresia Eva Plecida

This princess received the amount of 11 names. I think that they wanted to honor as much godparents as possible. Among them, there are also some extraordinary and rare ones like Clementia, Dominica and Plecida


Maria Theresia Walburgis Amalia Christina

She was the mother of Marie Antoinette and other 14 children. Maria Theresia was the most famous queen of the Habsburg monarchy.


Maria Carolina Ludovica Josepha Joanna Antonia


Maria Eleonora


Maria Leopoldine


Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna

This was the birth name of the archduchess, who later became famous as Marie Antoinette.



One thought on “Names of the Habsburg family

  1. The Habsburgs were a fascinating family. I, unfortunately, never had much of a chance of studying them past learning about Ferdinand and Isabella, who are said to have been the first rulers to unite Spain. My favourite picks from the names above have to be Isabella, even if it is so popular, Eleonora, and Clara, which has been a favourite of mine for a very long time.

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