Most popular Bosnian namens in Austria (Girls)


The topic today are firstnames , that bosnian-muslim parents choose for their children, which were born in Austria. Maybe I have to explain this to my English readers. Many Bosnian families fleed to Austria, because of the war in Yugoslavia from 1992-1995. A majority stayed and settled here after the war  . Today people with Ex-Yugoslavian origen are the biggest immigrant group in Austria.

As I couldn`t find any data about this topic, I started my own research. In that purpose I analysed the firstnames of 321 children with bosnian-muslim lastnames. These babies were born over a period of the last 2 -3 years (middle 2008 to end 2011). My resource was the website, where Austrian hospitals post the pictures and names of their newborns.


Now the Top 5 female Bosnian Names in Austria:


Most popular female Bosnian names in Austria

Place in Bosnia (2010) Place in Austria (2010)
1 Place Sara   (22) 4 2
2 Place Han(n)a   (10) 9 4
3 Place Nejla   (8) 10 349
4 Place Amina / Melis(s)a (a 6) 1 / 45 75 / 125
4 Place Ajla   / Ena / Lejla/ Selma (a 5) 4   / 15 /7 / 36 141   / 286 / 145 / 239


All in all there were 152 girls with 70 diffrent names. Sara is on the first place with more than 22 mentions, thats a rate of 15%.

The third colum shows the place, that the name has in the Bosnian firstname statistic and the fourth colum shows the Austrian statistic.

Next time I will write about the Top 5 for boys.


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